Pilates reformer private

1 hour distraction free focus, a workout curtailed just for you

Pilates reformer duo or trio​​

Get a friend or two to join you, or I can help pair you up! Its fun and more affordable

Weight training

Let me show you whats great about lifting heavy things! Learn the difference between super setting, pyramid training, spit routines and much more

TRX training

Suspension training is a great way to add core work to your workout by using your own body weight. It's a total body workout and if you travel alot the straps fill easily in any carry onl

Group circuit training

Grab a friend or 3 and I will have you all sweating together! Its so much fun and the hour will fly by


High intensity interval training is all the rage for good reason. It gets results. If you haven't added this to your routine, or if you have but need some new ideas, let me help

Pre/post rehab

As a certified exercise therapist I can help you go into surgery strong or recover from surgery quickly

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