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Success Stories


"I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years. I consider myself an expert on a good trainer/Pilates instructor. I have been to many Pilates trainers in the past but have never stuck with one this long. She has an amazing ability to make it creative, fun, and challenging each time! We even have several laughs through the “pain”.  It’s also imperative an instructor has many years of experience to prevent injury and help with proper rehabilitation should an injury occur. She knows exactly what to do to help strengthen and repair in an intelligent way. My body has never felt stronger. She works very well with each individual body type and ability to create the perfect fun strengthening and stretching program for you. I can’t

recommend her HIGHLY ENOUGH!"

- Stacey V.

"Mary has been training me as well as two other good friends for over twenty years! She is the reason I

have climbed mountains, ridden mountain bikes all over Utah and feel good in my clothes all at the tender age of 68. The workouts are a mixture of laughter, sweat and hard work. The perfect storm to feel good at the end of it. Through out it all she really cares that you get a good workout and makes sure to address any injuries or aches and pains so that you can can. Thank you Mary and here is to more years in the gym!"


- Tracy M

"I was never a gym person. Mary Pritchett changed that for me. Not only is she an amazing Certified Master Trainer, she is lovely person with a great sense of humor. I actually look forward to my workouts with her! Mary has been my fitness trainer since 1997. She has personalized my workouts to navigate my neck and back issues throughout my 40s, 50s and 60s.  No workout with her is ever the same. She mixes up the hour with weights, TRX and Pilates, including stretching between muscle groups. Working with Mary has enabled me to be stronger and to live a more active and pain-free life."


- Barbara M.

"I've been doing pilates training with Mary Pritchett for about 15 years.  Her motto, "use it or lose it" spurs me on in every aspect of my life.  Every workout with Mary is thorough and challenging, and leaves me feeling more energized than when we started.  Her workouts always take into account what is happening in my body that day. She remembers my areas of concern from one class to the next which makes me feel confident that I am really getting a workout designed just for me.  On top of the fact that she is knowledgeable in the area of how every muscle in your body is contected to your well being, she's got a sense of humor, is on time, and is willing to work with my schedule to make our sessions happen. You gotta love that!"  

- Kay G.

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